Exploring Vision & Perspective to Enhance Awareness

Hands Drawing

I believe it is important to help people see the world around them in new and interesting ways and I attempt to do this through my art. Each fracture, each bit of collage, is an effort to bring a different world or perspective to everyday sights & scenery. Beyond the obvious fracturing seen in much of my work, some of my pieces simulate color blindness of various kinds, allowing those with normal vision to appreciate the world as others see it.

Though I have worked in many mediums, I currently prefer colored pencil as I find it quite challenging. My skill with the colored pencil is completely self-taught. I work on black mat board for the majority of my pieces. Depending on the subject, I either draw fractures over the entire board and then draw the subject within those fractures or I sketch out the subject and then put fractures within it. If the piece is to be a collage I then add old torn-up photos, stationary, aluminum foil, and even pressed flowers from my own garden.  I eventually have all of my work professionally scanned so that I can offer a wide selection of limited edition reproductions of different qualities and sizes as well as other merchandise featuring my work.

Although many assume that I was influenced by famous painters or other similar artists, the main influence for my current work is a quilting technique called Fractured Landscape.

I grew up practicing art. At the age of 8, I began taking art classes; and continued to do so all the way through college, earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts at the University of Idaho. I was a student that worked in both Fine Arts & Design; I studied Information Design in The Netherlands at the HKU, (Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht) aka Utrecht School of the Arts through the IIID exchange program. Much to the chagrin of my design professors, my love of Fine Arts trumped my love for Design. This love led me to show my work in numerous shows & solo exhibitions in the Northwest, holiday artist co-ops, fairs, to be a guest speaker at the Nampa Art Guild where I taught a colored pencil workshop featuring the unique technique I use in my work, as well as showing & selling work at the Capital City Farmer’s Market in Boise, Idaho before moving to Seattle in late 2011.

I have been a member of the Colored Pencil Society of America (CPSA) as well as the Seattle CPSA Chapter, Tau Sigma Delta (Honor Society in Architecture and Allied Arts) – Beta Epsilon Chapter (UI Chapter), and an Electronic Document System Foundation (EDSF) Scholar.