Birch Mandala

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This is a mandala with the theme of a birch tree, aka betula. If you investigate different areas of the mandala you will notice numerous leaves, branches, and even tree roots.

It’s a growth mandala. How is it about growth? Well, check out the very center of the piece, those are the first leaves of a seedling, followed by true leaves. Then there are some funky roots that grow up into tree trunks with nice heart-shaped leaves at the top. In between each of the tree trunk segments is a much larger birch leaf with this tree’s version of flowers and little tiny branches and mini leaves playing about. The outer ring of the mandala is implied with birch branches with tiny leaves. I even pulled in some symbology from Irish mythology with the Ogham character representing the Birch tree.

I spent all of Monday doing sketches to try to capture the essence of a birch tree and they were all fail-sketches. The sketches were not exactly failures since through discovering that the original idea I had just would not work – it led to this mandala.


Birch -