Ink Art: Fancy Snowflake

Fancy Snowflake -

I decided I needed a break from the structure and planning of pet portraits so with this piece I embraced free form doodling mixed in with the basic concept of making a snowflake.

The form of a snowflake is excellent as a basis for creating a mandala. The six sided symmetry is beautiful. With my other snowflake mandalas I first made paper snowflakes and went from there. This time I used a circle template to draw the center of the snowflake and then added six¬†ellipses, also from a template. All other elements were free-handed. It’s liberating being able to start from a few basic shapes and just letting go and letting the doodle essentially build itself slowly. It’s like watching a flower blooming.

I often listen to audiobooks as I work on my art and I finished book 3 of the Anne of Green Gables series while working on this. It was¬†first published 1915. I usually listen to either murder mysteries or fantasy but this was a series I’ve been wanting to read for a long while. I highly recommend catching up on your reading list by checking out audiobooks from your library. Read while you work!