Sand & Sassafras Cat Portraits

Sand's Portrait -

If you know me then you know that I love animals and I especially love felines and have been living pet-free since I moved to Seattle in 2011. This summer my love and I went to the Seattle Humane Society and found a pair of perfect cats to bring home. Our criteria was to find a pair of cats that were a bonded pair and that were over a year old. There are many reasons for this: older cats have a much more difficult time being adopted than kittens, bonded pairs are harder to place because they have to be adopted together, older cats have developed personalities so you know what you’re getting, and bonded cats keep each other company which takes pressure off of the owners for entertainment and affection. We found a pair of cats that are around 6 & 7 years old and are a bonded pair. They are the most laid back lovable cats I’ve met. They didn’t even cry in the car on the way home or when I took them to the vet.

I then of course made a Squiggle Portrait for both. Meet Sand & Sassafras.

Sand’s Portrait

Sand's Portrait -



Sassafras’s Portrait

Sassafras's Portrait -