Tentillum & Moving

Tentillum Stage 2 - notes.kathrynkoozer.com

I made this right before I had to pack up all of my stuff and move! Some of you know I was in the process of moving across town in Seattle and to some this may have seemed to come out of nowhere. Now you know.  🙂

I started the move across town early this month, right after I got home from vacation. It’s been a non-stop pack & move adventure. Finding this place was a lot more difficult than the last two places I lived at here in Seattle, WA.


Tentillum Complete  - notes.kathrynkoozer.com

I spent almost a month and a half contacting multiple rentals every couple of days. We managed to tour less than 10 places and I believe I contacted at least 3 or 4 times that many places. Many places just didn’t bother to even respond, two places let us know that the unit had been rented, one never followed through with setting up a tour, and a bunch of places just didn’t fit what we needed. We finally found the perfect place, got a tour, and applied the same day.

We are losing a bedroom (my art studio) and a private garage where we can store things but we are gaining the ability to have a pair of cats and a real garden (this is very important to me). Our new apartment is a loft so it feels very open and it is LEAD Certified. We also now have a huge private patio for all of the potted plants you can fit. The layout of the living room will actually be functional and there is ample space for our large gaming table. There is a large courtyard surrounded by the complex that has been landscaped beautifully and also holds gardening plots for the residents. It’s fantastic. The complex has less than 20 units and has its own secure parking garage.

My Art Studio Packed Up   - notes.kathrynkoozer.com

We live within walking distance of multiple grocery stores and what seems to be an unlimited selection of little local restaurants. We tried a Puerto Rican place two evenings ago & it is now one of my all time favorites in Seattle. We will also be just blocks away from a Farmer’s Market.

So since I’ve lost my art studio I am using my large drawing desk as both my art table and my computer table. I have managed to hook up a table lamp that will work wonderfully. My desk is by the upstairs window where I can look down into the lush courtyard (and spy on the neighbors). This is how my art area looks currently. There is still stuff all over the place so once everything is put away I’ll take a wide angle photo of the entire room.

My Art Desk  - notes.kathrynkoozer.com

I am also working on a surprise that I will announce tomorrow. I’m sure it will make a lot of people super excited!

Oh! I would also like to share this amazing metal work that I live near. I’m so impressed and someday when I buy a house I would love to have something like this.

Metal Art Wall & Gate  - notes.kathrynkoozer.com

Metal Art Wall & Gate  - notes.kathrynkoozer.com

Metal Art Wall & Gate  - notes.kathrynkoozer.com

Metal Art Wall & Gate  - notes.kathrynkoozer.com

Metal Art Wall & Gate  - notes.kathrynkoozer.com

Metal Art Wall & Gate  - notes.kathrynkoozer.com

I just love this. Do you?