Photo Contest

Photo Contest Image - Kathryn Koozer, A Seattle Artist -

I recently held a Photo Contest for a free Custom Pet Portrait on my Facebook Art Page.

I gave people 6 days to send me their favorite photos of the pets (one photo per pet). I received over 100 photos for the contest, and even a few stragglers that showed up a few days late. I still posted the late-comers even with the disadvantage, might as well let them in on the fun and you never know how many votes someone can pull together in only a day or two. I had a lot of pig photos, dogs, cats, a few birds, horses, and even a tortoise!

I then posted all of the photos into the contest photo album and let the voting go for a week. I initially thought a week would be too long for voting but it worked out wonderfully with a lot of the action showing up in the last couple of days.

For about the first half of the voting week a glorious large dog named Big Kate was well in first place with over one hundred likes with no competition. Then things got serious. So serious that an adorable little pig with some dandelions passed Big Kate by 100+ votes. There were a lot of entries that reached over 100 likes each and many that were in the 50 to 100 range. Some of the photos managed to get their photo shared well over 40 times. I consider this significant since my page, when I started this contest, had around 330 fans.

It was so much fun to see all of the action and the comments by all of the fans of my page. People had so much fun and were so interested in winning the contest to have a custom pet portrait that I gained OVER 100 fans to my page just through this contest and most within a 2 day period. And I didn’t ask anyone to ‘like’ my page as a requirement for the contest and that makes it even better!

So which photo won the contest? A pig named Lulu was the undisputed winner with 348 votes and second place went to Big Kate with 269 votes. Here they are:

Big Kate (2nd Place)

Big Kate - Kathryn Koozer, A Seattle Artist -


Lulu (1st Place)

Lulu - Kathryn Koozer, A Seattle Artist -


This entire contest was fantastic and I will be doing this again in the future.

During the contest I had a few people asking about custom pet portraits and if I do commissions. I do! So those that didn’t win the contest but still want their own custom pet portrait are in luck. These typically range from $100 – $150 each. If you are interested in your own please send me a message!


Custom Pet Portraits - Kathryn Koozer, A Seattle Artist -