Lulu the Pig’s Pet Portrait

Lulu's Pet Portrait - Kathryn Koozer, A Seattle Artist -

I finished Lulu’s pattern portrait about a week ago. My excuse for not writing this note sooner is that I went and visited family and then got a nasty head cold that turned into a nasty cough and made me really tired & distracted. Plus I wasn’t actually sure I *had* forgotten to post this. I finally checked today. Woops.

I showed a pair of my aunts the portrait of Lulu this last weekend, one of which makes very impressive quilts or what I’m going to call quilt-art, and they both agreed that I quilt with ink while they quilt with cloth. They are correct. Pattern portraits are in essence a simpler version of how a basic quilt works. There are the different sections or panels and they are placed or sewn together to form a larger image. Each little section uses its own fabric with its own unique pattern. That is very much what I am doing here.¬†There are major differences and I don’t want to insult any quilters who may read this because I’ve seen how much work goes into a quilt and that there are many layers of technique and finishing that go into a traditional quilt. My Pattern Portraits and other Patterned Artwork¬†share the same Quilting spirit.

Here is the photo of Lulu that I worked from:

Lulu's Reference Photo - Kathryn Koozer, A Seattle Artist -