Lulu the Pig – Prelim Sketch

Lulu Preliminary Sketch - Kathryn Koozer, A Seattle Artist -

The Photo Contest winner’s preliminary portrait sketch is complete! I had completed it yesterday and then decided I didn’t like the composition so I completely re-sketched it. (The word of the day is ‘complete’.)

The ears drove me crazy. Pigs are sooooo different from the usual dogs and cats that I do. This will be the second domestic pig portrait I’ve had the privilege of creating.

I changed up the composition to make the model larger than in the photo that I shared in my last post about the contest. I think this will make it look a lot nicer since all of the emphasis will be on Lulu and not half on the flowers and grass and half on her.

I have been given full artistic control so I get to decide if I want to use my Squiggle Style or my Pattern Style. I’m leaning towards the Pattern Style since the previous pig was done in Squiggle.