Sad News – Consignment Shop Closing

Framed! In Idaho - Kathryn Koozer, A Seattle Artist -

I have sad news, everyone! The fun art & framing shop in Meridian, Idaho called Framed! is closing down.  This is where I have a bunch of my colored pencil artwork on consignment. I was told that all consignment pieces need to be claimed by their owners/artists by the 5th of May and that the shop will be closing on the 25th of May (that might be the last day open).

I didn’t know until this morning and I had a friend go and pickup my consignment pieces. I talked to the owner on the phone this afternoon and it sounds like it was unexpected. It feels almost like I was blindsided by this (similar to when the bookstore in Boise that I was suppose to show my artwork at for a month never contacted me about them closing down on the date I was suppose to set up) since I didn’t actually receive official notification through email or phone and there isn’t any information or indication about the imminent closure on the owner’s website for Framed!, nor on any of the social media associated with the business. When I talked to the owner on the phone I think she was really surprised by this turn of events and I get the feeling she was blindsided herself. She said it was crazy right now and that things have been ‘interesting’. 🙁 I hope she makes it through whatever is happening and does well for herself in the future. She is a very nice woman. It’s sad to see her go.

This is probably the last photo of my work in her shop. I’ve had my prints in her shop since 2009.