Snowflake #4 (Final in Series)

Snowflake (Bullet Rosette) - Kathryn Koozer, A Seattle Artist -

The fourth and final piece of art in my Snowflake Series.


Snowflake (Bullet Rosette)


This is the fourth and final ink-art doodle¬†in my patterned Snowflake¬†series. It isn’t actually a snowflake but a Bullet Rosette ice crystal. These are columns of ice crystals that end up growing together and the columns end up shaping into crystals that resemble the shape of bullets. Three of the four columns that make up this rosette are capped. I like capped columns because the caps themselves look like snowflakes.


Snowflake (Bullet Rosette)



I had a lot of fun with this doodle. I ended up not creating an actual snowflake this time because I saw the gems that are column ice crystals and rosettes and capped columns and rosettes. Their shapes are fantastic. The caps are really interesting to me because a lot of the time they basically are snowflakes. Snowflakes in disguise.


Kathryn Koozer