Jasmine’s Squiggle Portrait

Jasmine Pet Portrait - Kathryn Koozer, A Seattle Artist - notes.kathrynkoozer.com

Jasmine’s pet portrait turned out beautifully. I ended up using almost all of my eight shades of custom mixed grey inks. No, not 50 shades, just 8.

Here are a couple of in-progress photos of Jasmine the Rottweiler. I am really enjoying doing portraits for dogs. They are much different from how I create cat portraits. The eyes are different, the noses are not even remotely similar, and the way I create the edges of the skin and fur is different.

This first photo shows the beginning of the inking process. The outline is complete and I’ve started to designate sections of the fur that will become shadows, highlights, and different colors of fur.

Jasmine Portrait Outline


This photo shows Jasmine’s portrait with most of the black ink complete. I like to finish with one color of ink at a time so that I don’t have to keep reopening ink jars and making a mess of things.

Jasmine Portrait Blacks


Overall I am very happy with how this commission project turned out. The woman who made the commission is super pleased as well. This was her response when I sent her the finished image: “That that looks amazing! I’m so impressed with how this turned out, especially with the highlights on her fur!”