Snowflake (Stellar Dendrite)

Snowflake Detail Work - Kathryn Koozer, A Seattle Artist -

A few days ago I began work on a series of Snowflake pattern doodles.

On the 13th I wrote on my Facebook page: ‘FYI: Snowflakes are hard to draw.’ They are a lot harder than I thought they would be to eyeball without any tools. My first sketch ended up way off as far as the angles go with the distance between the lines being dramatically unbalanced. The second sketch I employed the help of my circle, square, and oval templates and it turned out much nicer. Not perfect but quite nice nonetheless.

These are my Snowflake sketches. The one on the left was my first attempt and the measurements were way off. The one on the right I used some tools with circles and had a better result.

Snowflake Sketches


Next I began the inking process.

Snowflake Ink Outline


Add a slash of color here and there:

Snowflake with Color


Once I’ve painted in the black ink background I have to lay objects over the piece. I have to do this this because otherwise it will attempt to warp the paper as it dries. Imagine one of your watercolor paintings from when you were a child and the edges of the paper pulling up as it warps.

Snowflake with Black Background


At this point detail work begins: To make the patterning and overall design look cleaner and finished I go over many of the lines that form the borders between the different sections with more black ink.

The section on the right shows this while the section on the left has yet to be worked on. It is subtle but makes a huge difference in the finished doodle.

Snowflake Detail Work


And when everything is as it should be I declare the project finished. This piece is called Snowflake (Stellar Dendrite).

Snowflake (Stellar Dendrite)


I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. I’m loving the color combination that the different blues and purples create. This piece is similar to my Autumn series and I’m planning on making four different Snowflake Pattern Doodles for this series of artwork. This piece is posted in my Ink Art – Nature Gallery.


Kathryn Koozer