Art Shop Renovation

Sun's Flowers Collection Banner - Kathryn Koozer, A Seattle Artist -

This morning my online Art Shop where I sell my giclees of my ink art imploded.

There were a few server updates and somehow the software on the server that allows the actual shop software to run somehow vanished. That means I couldn’t even access the management back-end of the shop to even make a backup to save all of my item details. It was just toast, ‘totally hosed’ (as I described it to my S.O. earlier today).

I’m taking this opportunity to cancel my shopping cart subscription with the company I was working with because there were other things that were annoying me and this was just the last push I needed to disable the whole sha-bang. A convenient thing about this is that even though it is the season for gifts and tons of online shopping my deadline for shoppers was the 11th so it doesn’t hurt my sales at all. In the new year I’m going to have to just bite the bullet and either build a simple shop myself or work my tail off to figure out how to use Zencart (the name is VERY misleading, there is NO Zen in it). Zencart is free and integrates with the Amazon Checkout I prefer to use.