Boise Art Scene Saddness

Some of you may have seen my announcements about my bookstore shows, undoubtedly many of you didn’t as I don’t think I actually wrote a post about it at the time. I had a solo show at A Novel Adventure in Boise, Idaho during March of 2010. My work was displayed in three different areas of the bookstore. It was a very fun location on the main-drag of downtown Boise.

A Novel Adventure 2010

Then in July I was confirmed for a September showing only to find out a couple weeks before I was suppose to setup my exhibit that they were closing. They closed their doors the day or the day after I was scheduled to hang my artwork. I actually found this out when I was showing a friend the website of the bookstore and saw the notice on the front page. They never actually got a hold me themselves. I can certainly understand as they were probably intensly busy dealing with the transition from having a store-front to being completely online, but at the same time it would have been nice to know before I showed up to hang my work only to find out that there wouldn’t be a bookstore to hang in. Seeing that notice was a stroke of luck.

The art scene in Boise has always been notably smaller than that of a larger city but the scene has been consistently shrinking for a few years now. Here’s a very brief outline of what has happened.

In 2009 the J. Crist Gallery (established in 1995) stopped representing a large number of local living artists and decided to only represent one that is internationally known and no longer living.

In 2010 the wonderful local Boise Blue Art Store shut its doors after 71 years. I went here often to procure supplies but it seems that the internet has unfortunately become too much of a successful competitor.

In 2010 the Basement Gallery changed owners and exhibits a very narrow genre of art.

And most recently Brown’s Gallery (which has been around since 1977) closed.

There are other establishments have either closed their doors to work specifically with commissions or have added bars and rental space for events within their spaces.

Now that I’m in Seattle, WA I hope that the art scene here won’t deteriorate in a similar manner. So far things are looking good.