Website Changes Follow-up

Colored Pencil Photo - Kathryn Koozer, A Seattle Artist -

Thanks for bearing with me & all of these drastic changes that have been made.

Things you may have noticed:

  • First and foremost the Domain Name has changed. Previously known as ‘Kathryn’s Collages’ (, this website going forward will simply be known as ‘Kathryn Koozer’ – hence This also means that any email addresses associated with no longer work.
  • ‘Notes From an Artist’ is now a sub-domain called ‘notes’ to make my life easier when dealing with content & media.
  • You can use your Facebook account to comment on blog posts. Because of the prevalence of Facebook use this makes commenting much easier as viewers will no longer have to make an account or login on my website to leave a comment. There is still comment moderating and no comment will show up without my approval.
  • The gallery section has been significantly upgraded and offers the viewer options to filter through my work by media, subject, and in some cases the series a piece belongs to. Each piece featured on the main slideshow page is linked to a specific page dedicated to the selected artwork where detailed information can be found and often more images of the work can also be viewed.
  • The ‘About’ section has been rewritten in highly personal manner where I endeavor to create a connection with the viewer and to make myself accessible. I have also eliminated the ‘Artist Resume’ section as this seems to need constant attention to ensure that it is up to date. I may re-add it in the future.
  • I have eliminated the associate banners.
  • The ‘Merchandise’ section is short and sweet and presents a rotating-image-link to my Zazzle Store where you can purchase gifts. I doubt that I will build and integrated store into my website but if I find the time and motivation it might show up eventually.
  • The ‘Contact Me’ section is much the same as it was previously but has been streamlined on the back-end to make my life easier.


There is still much more on the ‘To Do’ list but at the moment the website functions as it should.


– Kathryn

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