Commissioned Series – Two Lives, Five Pieces

For the Engineer - Kathryn Koozer, A Seattle Artist -

Before my move to Seattle I took on a project of a series of five art pieces commissioned by a married couple.

This project will attempt to depict their individuality, interests, history, and finally the coming together of these two people.

Digging through what you know about someone is an interesting experience and this one proves to be enlightening as the married couple featured are my parents. Memories, photos, observations, histories and more all come into play and to present all of this information about two unique individuals in a coherent way, and that they  will identify with each piece, is an interesting challenge.

The first step taken was to create a basic composition of outlines of the different pieces on the wall where the final product will be displayed. Once the sizes and layout was approved measurements were taken and the creativity could begin.

Outline of Artwork for Project

The next step was to take the concept a step further and assign certain characteristics to each piece so that the whole of the completed project would be a successful culmination of their lives, individually and as a unit. The two smallest pieces would be a single feature of their individuality. The next two pieces that the smaller pieces overlap expand upon their individuality by including elements from their childhood, long term activities, and current interests, while including a small hint that the other has begun to make an impact upon their life.

The final and middle piece will be complicated and a significant challenge to adequately express the two lives combining into a cohesive single experience. It has to combine a few items that are common to both parties while exploring aspects that have only developed since the union of these two people.


The first two pieces have been completed. The third has just made it past the initial composition creation sketches & will be posted soon.

The first: For The Engineer

For the Engineer by Kathryn Koozer


The second: For The Master Gardener

For The Master Gardner by Kathryn Koozer


– Kathryn

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