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Farmer's Market - Kathryn Koozer, A Seattle Artist -

I finally got around to taking some decent photos of a couple of my recent art pieces. These both are exclusively completed in colored pencil and feature selective fracturing. The first, of the golden raspberries, uses the organic fracturing in the background. The second, of the apples and barrels, uses the fracturing in the apples only.

These two are my first attempts at drawing fruit and also using a different blending technique on a main art work. I used throughout most of the pieces lighter fluid and a small paint brush to smooth and blend the pigments of the pencils. And I must say that I really like the results of that experiment.

I haven’t officially named either piece so if you have any ideas let me know.

edit: Both have been named – Kisses From the Sun & Farmer’s Market, respectively.


Kisses from the Sun by Kathryn Koozer

20″ x 24″
Colored Pencil
Copyright Kathryn Koozer

I am a lover of fruit and golden raspberries are one of my favorites. I like them more than your classic red varieties and they practically drip with kisses from the sun. That’s not a bad title for this piece, Kisses from the Sun, I’ll have to ponder that.

Farmer's Market by Kathryn Koozer

18″ x 24″
Colored Pencil
Copyright by Kathryn Koozer

I am very pleased with how the cloth and the wood turned out in the artwork with the apples. Those are also a new first for me as I’ve never drawn either before. The fracturing in the apples was the most enjoyable part as it was the most interesting to complete. The different colors in these apples and the way they blend together is breathtaking.

So, what do you think of my two new adventures in colored pencil?

– Kathryn Koozer

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