New Art: Snail Traffic

Traffic - Kathryn Koozer, A Seattle Artist -


During the summer months these little snails would converge upon the driveway and walkway to the front door. I can only image how many snail paths were made during their long treks. There would be easily a hundred at one time. Sometimes they would climb up the garage door.

And, yes, they really are that color. It surprised me too. Something else that surprised me, probably because I never took the time to truly look at these little creatures, is how graceful their bodies are. Smooth and a mixture of all sorts of colors once you look closely. It was interesting drawing this little snail. I had to be able to render the shine on the body and on the shell. I am very pleased with how that turned out.

I’m also happy about how the snail-path fractures look. Everything has been walked on at some point by something and that’s what those path-fractures are all about. Hence the name of the piece: Traffic.

– Kathryn Koozer

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