Gallery Setup Winter 2009

Well I sure had a busy day yesterday. Met with my architecture buddy and talked websites, lunch at an officially Italian Certified Pizza (and other Italian food items) Restaurant, and set up most of my work up in a gallery for this winter.

The gallery that I’m getting setup at is Dan Looney’s Gallery/ Sevoy Antiques located off of Chinden in Boise/Garden City. A small group of artists have decided to get together and have their own Holiday Market & Gallery Exhibition this winter season. Most of us participating were all fellow vendors at the Boise Farmer’s Market but we didn’t want to invest in their Holiday Market for various reasons. Mainly the cost to participate and that we’d be outside freezing our buns off. An additional reason is also that sales were down this year pretty much universally and as a new vendor & emerging artist that doesn’t have a lot of money I didn’t feel that I’d be able to make up the cost, time invested in the whole setup & take down, stress, and other related things (like thawing out my finger tips after the day was over).

Dan and I were playing with this Holiday Extravaganza idea for a while and finally decided to go for it. He’s got a pretty decent following since he’s been painting for at least 30 years and everyone else participating down really nice work. Plus this adds another solid experience for my Artist Resume. Yes, we do have special resumes that feature shows & prizes and such.

Yesterday was when I setup the majority of my stuff. I had some very talented help come with me to get it all hung perfectly and we managed to get it all up and looking really nice fairly quickly. We even helped Dan’s wife, Julie, rehang the paintings that needed to be moved to make space for my own art work.

Turns out they decided to push the opening back to the Saturday after Thanksgiving instead of next week on the 19th. Which makes a lot more sense since the 19th is a Thursday and most people would be able to come and join in on the festivities on a Saturday. But, since my stuff is up now and available, you can go and check it out before the official opening and you can even purchase my work early also.

I do have one or two concerns. One is that the antique owner likes to rearrange things and I’d like to retain complete artistic control over where my work is and how it looks with whatever is near it. There is also the concern of how not fantastically organized this event is. There seems to be an aura of them getting a bit overwhelmed at times. Hopefully that’s not something that will turn around and bite us later.

Now, I’m going to share with you how my display looks as of yesterday (Nov. 12th). I will be adding more little things soon. I have a couple of frames I bought that need some attention also. There are Originals of my art and also Limited Edition Reproductions available at the gallery.

My Setup at Dan Looney Gallery -  -

-Kathryn Koozer

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