Send me your Photos!

I’ve been working on my Facebook fan page and I’ve been adding photos of of my work in shops, exhibitions, and the originals on people’s walls and it occurred to me that it could be fun to see what people have done with the prints that they’ve bought.

So send me an email of a photo of the piece you’ve bought and what you’ve done with it. How you’ve framed it and where it currently resides. As I receive them I’ll put up a blog post and I’ll include some basic info, like the title of the pieces shown and maybe the first name of the person who owns them and maybe the state where the print is.

I think it could be really interesting. So shoot me an email at Take out the underlines and change at to the @ symbol for it to go through. Post your photos to my Facebook Page.

For example:

MultiBlue Original -
The home of the original MultiBlue.

– Kathryn Koozer

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