I am awake and it’s 12:19am.

So much has happened since my last post yet at the same time so much hasn’t. What has happened is that I’ve put in a lot of effort to pick up my pace of producing artwork. I can manage to get a piece done a week if I try. I haven’t posted new pictures of my recent few pieces in my official portfolio on my website but they are on my Facebook Fan Page. I don’t think I’ve even mentioned the new pieces I have completed in blog posts. I’ll post those soon.

I have also started developing a few online stores where people can purchase merchandise that has my art on it. There are three currently (Zazzle, deviantART, and CafePress) where you can buy random items, and only one where you can purchase my Limited Edition Prints (Etsy). You can, of course, continue to send me emails to acquire prints, and that is actually preferable as it saves me money than if you went through my Etsy Marketplace. I had a small investment made into my art business which enabled me to purchase a slick mat board cutter, photos and a post soon to follow. The two weeks before this last one at the Market in Boise were fantastic for sales and that always makes me feel optimistic.

What hasn’t happened is finding more places to sell my work on consignment. The winter gallery show with Dan Looney, a well established local artist, hasn’t quite been set in stone yet (I haven’t mentioned this before and I’ll give you more detail when I know more). I can’t seem to get merchandise up on Zazzle as fast as I’d like. It seems to take forever and there’s so much I’d like up and available *now*. And finally this last week at the market was one of the worst days out there. I barely made the rent for my my booth space. >.< From talking to other vendors it was a slow day all around. The economy currently is not kind, as everyone knows. And it's especially unkind to an emerging artist. Which brings me to why I’m awake at this hour. My stress level and anxiety are basically at an all time high. I’m not making enough money to make me pleased with how things are going. I’ve been working non-stop to get Zazzle and deviantART up and running and it’s frustratingly slow-going. Then there are people that want me to drop what I’m doing and converse or hang out just because I don’t have a normal job with normal hours and thus should be available whenever. There are other things that weigh on me and cause stress and anxiety but those are normal everyday stresses and aren’t worth mentioning here. I sleep poorly. I’ve slept poorly for years. You get used to it after a while and develop a tolerance to the lack of sleep. I have at least. Doesn’t make me any happier about being awake though. I am awake and it’s 12:46am. – Kathryn Koozer See my work: On Merchandise – Zazzle

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