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I posted a couple months ago about a Vanity Press trying to sucker artists into buying their way into a book that featured over 200 other artists. That one you paid a small fee to be included. That one pales in comparison to this new one I found in my email.

This new one you pay hundreds and even possibly thousands of EUROS to be included. O.o

I got this email about a week and a half ago and I thought I’d share portions of it with you.


Call for entries

“Featured Artists” Art book

Collectible global art book
Estimated Release Date: November 2009
Hardcover 200+ pages
DIMENSIONS: 21×21 cm – 8.2X8.2 in
Inclusions by selection only

Modern Art Community and Mediaplan publishing invite you to participate in a collectible book of art.
Featured Artists is a daring attempt to feature several contemporary artists in an overview, a book which will be a resource for galleries, museums, artists, art collectors and dealers who constantly seek for new talents and trends in the art community. Featured artists is an art book which is also a source of information, including many artists profiles, and new trends that appear in the art world nowadays.

Having an Artist Profile published in “Featured Artists” art book is absolutely necessary and essential for an artist and also a tool that can elevate your career much higher.

Please note that this is not a free inclusion.

More info:


I took out the names at the bottom as to not annoy anyone directly, but if you go to the website and check out the info on this I’m sure you’ll be as shocked and/or weirded out as I am. I’m left wondering how in the world they think *anyone* would be willing to participate in this and shell out that much money.

I also love how they say that “Having an Artist Profile published in “Featured Artists” art book is absolutely necessary and essential for an artist and also a tool that can elevate your career much higher.” All of those desperate artists trying to make a name for themselves seeing that and being convinced of it. Hey, I’m poor and not famous, but I am *not* desperate enough to shell out to pay for a Vanity Press book that I am seriously dubious about helping my career in any way. If you want a longer explanation about why those are a bad idea read my first post about the Vanity Publishing. It’s called ‘An Opportunity for Vanity’ and you’ll find it in the archives.

So how much would I be, in fact, paying the publishers for the honor of having them include me in their “absolutely necessary and essential” book? Strait off of their website:


“If the artist is selected an editorial fee is requested to cover editorial and production expenses. The current editorial fee starts at 490 euros (or the equivalent currency) for one page and 890 euros for two pages presentation in the book.

For more than one page, the artists gets another page free of charge. For additional pages every other page costs 350 euros. (example: an artist wishes to participate in Featured Artists with 3 pages. The cost will be 890+350=1240 euros and have an extra page free of charge).”


Holy Crap. That’s not even taking in account how that converts to US $. Not only does that second paragraph make no sense when following the first but that amount is astronomical.

Not that desperate, and also not that stupid to think that this would help me in any way. Pretty sure I could use that amount of money to help me in much better ways. Like using it to send samples and applications to galleries in large cities. Or basic advertising in various places, plus getting work copyrighted, scanned, or even getting into the print market. Or buying materials to make even more art. Or pay the rent and eat.

These ones, however, do claim to sell the book through larger retailers, but answer me this: If a gallery owner knows (and you can count on them knowing all about these books) that you’ve paid your way into a Vanity Press art book (instead of proving you have talent through being asked to be featured in something for free because you’re awesome) will they still respect you and your work in the morning? I certainly wouldn’t. To me all I would see from that is that you are either very naive and desperate for some form of imagined reputation, or that you have very little talent and can’t make it in legit circumstances where you can’t buy your way in.

– Kathryn Koozer

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