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I have some great news that I thought I should share with everyone.

I now have my work available at the Framed! shop in Meridian off of Fairview. They do custom framing, photo restoration, and have a wide selection of art from local artisans. I was approached by the owner, Paula, a month or so ago when she asked if I would be interested in putting some of my stuff in her shop on consignment. I went and checked it out a couple weeks ago and loved the look of the place and just last week took my work in. Here’s the address:

1722 E. Fairview
Meridian, ID

It’s right there in with Fred Myers by its western entrance.

I have a few pieces there on consignment and those will get changed out every few months or as soon as the work sells. It’s a really good deal as the split goes 30% – 70% with me receiving the later amount from the sale. A lot of places want up to 50% of the sale price and that’s asking way too much unless they are doing a lot of work getting your stuff sold. So I’m quite pleased with how this is working out.

Currently there are 4 pieces there. All reproductions. A full sized Velvet Giclee MultiBlue, larger prints of Objectivity & Keukenhof, and a medium print of Breadth of Vision.

In the future I’d like to score more places to have my work on consignment, but everyone’s got to start somewhere. I’m also in discussion with Dan Looney, a local Idaho artist, about showing my stuff in his gallery. Word is the consignment fee for that would be 25% which is phenomenal!

I’ll keep you posted on how that turns out.

MultiBlue by Kathryn Koozer

Objectivity by Kathryn Koozer

Keukenhof by Kathryn Koozer

Breadth of Vision by Kathryn Koozer


– Kathryn Koozer

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