Shocking! aka No Books for Me

So in my last note I mentioned that I emailed that book publisher about how many books I’d be getting for free if I participated. They actually emailed me back this morning and this is what they wrote (minus names and formality greetings):

‘Thank you for contacting us. The $40 entry fee does NOT include any books. The books will retail for approximately $39.’

Shocking. I already knew the answer before I asked but I wanted to confirm my suspicions. Not even a discount for those that are featured in this book. Amazing.

Not that I want one, not with 200 artists cramming their work together in a 400 page book. I can’t hardly imagine that could possibly look nice (graphic design class talking here) or do the artists and their work any proper justice or representation at all.

I do hope that this note and my last one will find their way to other artists who might be considering this and to think long and hard before taking part in this type of thing. The lure of becoming a ‘published artist’ or the awesomeness of being in a random book should absolutely not overshadow what these people are actually doing. This does not help an artist at all, it’s a waste of money and in my book (that I’m selling for $40, j/k) is very dubious and might as well fall into the realm of scams.

Don’t fall into the trap. No one will be impressed, especially not gallery owners. Write your own book, teach classes, apply to galleries, get online (beware artist website scams also), get into shows and competitions that are reputable, and participate in farmer’s markets if you can. Even sell your stuff on eBay, just don’t participate in a Vanity Press or a Vanity Gallery. It’s bad news.

– Kathryn Koozer

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