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When I started my art & design business I decided to donate 5% of my profits tot eh National Wildlife Federation. I didn’t do this because it’s a trend or to make myself look better. I did this because I have always been an environmentalist. I grew up watching documentaries about nature on The Discovery Channel and Animal Planet. I watched a lot of veterinarian shows because I had planned on becoming one when I was younger. I also donate a portion of my profits because I realized that designers have a lot of power in their hands. My thesis in college was about that subject and that because of this power to convince & sell that we should use this ability to create a positive impact upon the world. My thesis was called Design for Social and Environmental Improvement, and that is why my main website domain was named that. My art is now in its own domain at In my business I don’t do work for those that I feel have a questionable motive or for those that care very little for anything other than making money. I give my skills to those that have something good to give to the world.

In this theme I’ve finally managed to score myself a green printer for a good price. I’m getting my business cards through now. They offer paper that is exclusively made up of recycled papers. They use (also exclusively) soy and vegetable inks that are low in Volatile Organic Compounds. Because they focus on printing in this fashion they can keep the costs down – unlike printers that print on whatever paper and use whatever inks they feel like unless you specifically request the recycled stuff (which will have their own special price and that’s generally going to cost you more). They are ‘Operating as a carbon-neutral business via carbon offsets of shipping emissions and investments of Renewable Energy Credits to offset emissions from operations.’ There are many more things that are supremely awesome & green about them but I won’t bore you with those. If you’d like more info about them visit their website found at

Because I’ve just finished my new website dedicated to my fine art I’ve needed to make new business cards specifically for it. Plus I need new cards for the Farmer’s Market & it was a good opportunity to take advantage of this green printer. The basic design in the same as my last one but it updated with the new website address and title. Oh, and I have my special ‘I donate 5% of all profits to the National Wildlife Federation.’ shpeel on the back of the card along with the printers info about the paper (‘Printed on 100% recycled content, 50% post-consumer waster, processed chlorine-free paper by’). I’m happy with the design and happy that my cards aren’t going to be one more thing to hurt this place that we live in.

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– Kathryn Koozer

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