Etsy Shop

Time for rejoicing and hopeful thoughts!

I have procured myself an Etsy marketplace to help sell my reproductions and originals. I am slowly working on getting more inventory up on the site. And as each item I post costs me $.20 I’m not putting up a whole lot right at once. You can find my shop at

You can either purchase items through that website or you can send special requests through email. Through the website would be easier for me because it have Paypal all set up. I am of course down at the Boise Farmer’s Market and that will be cheaper for you all around because I include the tax in my prices there as well as there is no shipping cost when you buy from me locally.

Oh, yes and I will have select work available at other locations locally on consignment. I will post more information soon. But for now, go check out my shop!

edit: the Etsy Shop is closed

– Kathryn Koozer

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