A Response!

Well, I got a response to that issue I mentioned in the last blog and it seems there were all sorts of issues with the way things got setup down at the market beyond my issue with the stage.

Seems a bunch of vendors weren’t setting up correctly which messed things up all the way down the line to my booth (although I’m not sure how that could have changed, maybe I could have moved my booth forward more?). I now have all of the cell phone #’s so that if I have problems any other Saturday they can come and get things fixed before I get setup, that should be helpful me thinks.

I got a nice explanation of renting-the-Grove-issues and working with other people that rent the grove and it sounds like they didn’t know that the stage was going to be such a problem to the extent that it was and they seem to be genuinely apologetic about that.

Anyway, I’m happy with the response I was given. This next week should be interesting as they are moving us all over the place to compensate for some huge activity thing going on in one section – the section where my booth usually is.

Oh and I got a couple of to-size prints, one was a pre-ordered purchase and one is a GiclĂ©e reproduction of my Multi-Blue piece. My brother’s B-day present also came, a 7mm oval Synthetic Alexadrite, and it’s beautiful!

– Kathryn Koozer

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