Wishful Thinking

So instead of filling you all in on the last couple weeks, which included a torrential downpour on one of the market days (thank you Brittany for braving the storm BTW), and two weekends following that of super slow morning sales that picked up in the afternoons (Thanks for coming and saying ‘hi’ Sam, Jared & Friends – who yes I have met before at a dinner thing with Melissa and Naga), I will be going into some of my thoughts of what I’d like to call Wishful Thinking.

How’s that for a long one sentence paragraph?

Wishful Thinking:

I wish people would stop harassing me about how much money I’m making/not making.

I wish that I had a nice sunscreen that lasted longer than like 2 hours (I burnt my shoulders last weekend even though I put on sunscreen).

It would be nice if people bought so much stuff that I *absolutely* had to order more prints for market every week.

It would also be nice if people would let me concentrate on the market instead of asking me ‘what my strategy is now’. My strategy for the market? Nope, my strategy for what to do now because *some people* think that the market is a bust because the mornings are slow. *insert rant here*

I wonder if I could produce drawing/collages as fast as the guy that has his booth next to mine paints… He can do paintings in a few short hours where it takes me quite a while to produce one of mine. I like to think that mine are much more challenging and beautiful. ‘Course, I’m bias. 😉

At some point I’d like to have an entire studio to do my art in since right now the room I use I also use for like everything else.

I’d also like to get the rest of my credit card payed off. I’m able to get a decent chunk paid off every week with the earnings from the market, so that makes me happy.

I like to think that those people who were interested in my originals are going to buy one, or two, or more. 😀 The price reflects quality, if I could produce work in an hour my pieces would super inexpensive also. Although you might say that a piece I complete now has taken me 25 years to create because of all the work and study and skill training, and living I’ve gone through to get where I am now. Some people under-price their work so that they can ensure sales but that tells potential buyers that your work isn’t worth much (even if it is).

When I started this I had a point I was going to make but now I’m going to have to say that all I’ve got is some wishful thinking trying to remember what my wishful thinking note is about…


– Kathryn Koozer

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