What a fantastic day…

The market this weekend was fantastic. I saw a bunch of friends and the entire crowd of people just seemed really happy.

They were also in the mood to buy things, and we all know I approve of that. 🙂 Even with it being a holiday weekend and all of the other events going on we had a huge crowd of people. Pretty sure they all came down to the market instead of going on vacation.

We overheard a couple of the ladies-in-charge of the whole deal talking about one of the food vendors. How they were concerned that they ‘weren’t able to move enough of the customers through the lines fast enough’. What a thing to be worried about! To be selling that much stuff to have to worry about something like that seems to me to be a great day for them.

I also did a lot better than any of the previous weeks and I’m going to have to do some major reordering of my art reproductions for this next week! How awesome is that? Some of the vendors next to me seemed to do better than last week also, but strangely enough it seemed some of them did worse. The personality of the people buying things seems to change every week, and they seem to buy different things each time. Sometimes they don’t buy anything at all from anyone (except of course the food vendors seem to do well regardless). Seriously, who can overcome the temptation of so many super delicious food-items in the morning and around lunch time? There’s freshly fried donuts and this week we got some freshly made Stoopwaffles (it’s a dutch thing… makes me miss The Netherlands).

I’m also planning on doing the First Thursday Art Walk thing if I can ever get all the details for that. That starts in like 2 weeks, btw.

So overall the market was pretty awesome, hopefully it keeps that going for the rest of the season. 🙂

– Kathryn Koozer

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