Through Rain & Shine…. POST DELETED!

So I just got done witting a long post about this last Saturday and the market. It was one of those supremely awesome posts that draws you in and makes you believe you were there. Well, not really, but it was fantastic nonetheless. I was sitting here proofreading it and it up and deletes itself. >.< Well, what actually happened was is that I've got a gaming mouse and one of the side buttons got pressed and it decided to go back a page on the browser which lost the entire thing. I’ve been since educated that a lot of blog writers use notepad for typing their posts so as to avoid these kind of problems… And I shall endeavor to copy their tactics so to save myself the epic annoyance of losing my future notes. >.< But I just wanted you to know, that I had a note to post, and it was done and awesome… and now it’s gone. I’ll probably retype it at some point in the next couple days… >.<
Blog Post – 0….. Gaming Mouse – 1

– Kathryn Koozer

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