So evidently children love art… who knew?

I forgot to mention in my last note that I took my new piece I’m working on with me to, well, work on.

This had an amazing effect on people. All of the children wanted to see what I was doing, how I did it, what I used, and so on. The parents got into it also. I got to tell the story about the silly bright green grasshopper sitting it the bright red lily for days until it grew its wings. I explained how I use colored pencils and how the blender pencils work and how I started taking art classes when I was eights, which really got the kids excited because they were all generally around that age. I can imagine those kids harassing their parents trying to get into art classes and making reference to me. ha!

Boise Farmer's Market by Kathryn Koozer
One of the children that had to know what I was doing and why and how. 🙂

I don’t know if it made a huge difference or not but I change my setup around a bit too. I added some more color to my table with using some scarves people had bought me from places around the world while they were traveling. I also put some of the grid baskets up front so that it was more attractive for people to stop and look through stuff really fast without having to commit to coming inside the tent. With doing that I was able to have an entire grid wall dedicated to just originals. I think the display just looked better this week.

Boise Farmer's Market by Kathryn Koozer
The new setup. I added a previously sold original on the front of the booth and it was a show stopper. Someone even wanted to buy it off the current owner. XD

You can’t see it but I had a gridwall hanging horizontally over the table that had framed work, originals, and a magnet board on it.

Some of the older crowd, as in not the kids, seemed really interested in how I do what I do (and make it make sense in my head while doing it, and also that my inspiration is from quilting and not some other painter. Once they heard that a whole sense of understanding seemed to flow across their faces. The work suddenly opened up into a whole other world they could relate to, since a lot of these people were quilters themselves.

I think I’m going to continue to bring my unfinished pieces to the market so people can see me work on them. But mostly for the children, because they seem to really like it.

Boise Farmer's Market by Kathryn Koozer
Working on my craft.

Notice the handy paper umbrella we attached to the chairs this week. I burnt my shoulders last week (even though I had sunscreen on).

– Kathryn Koozer

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