The Farmer’s Market

It is the day after the Farmer’s Market and I’m still recovering from the exhaustion from it all.

Getting ready for it was extremely tedious and stressful. Most things worked out perfectly and the only hang up I had was the day before when the printers were late with the printing of a few things (labels, biography, and business cards) and trying to get everything packed up. I ended up finally going to bed a little before 1am that night.

Before I give you the skinny on how Saturday went I want to show you a photo of the pile of prints I had to work on for so long. These required me to crop them, UV protect them, spray-glue their backs, mount them on mat board, cut the mat board, sign each one, write their limited edition number on the back, paste their respective information labels on the back, put them in bags, put a business card in each bag, tape the bags closed, and then finally putting price labels on them. This was for over 100 prints, excluding the art cards which total 80. Those were a tiny bit less complicated.

Reproductions by Kathryn Koozer


Packing everything up was a bit of a nightmare also. We first tried to put everything into the Honda. I really should have taken pictures of this. Let me just say that if we had gotten in a wreck the three grid-walls would have either gone right through the windshield or the back of our heads. Now that you’ve got that wonderful visual in your head I’d like to say we opted for the pickup. That went much smoother and we used our bungie-netting to kept it all in place. Covered all the important things in plastic bags for protection from the elements and put my originals in the cab behind the seat.

I then went to bed and tried to relax but proceeded to wake up every two hours until 6am when we got up. You see, the vendors have to get there before 8:15am otherwise they have to fend for themselves with parking and have the carry all of their stuff to where you setup. That didn’t really help us in this manner because my booth ended up in the main circle of the grove part and they don’t let you drive on that. Well we headed off finally and got there a little after 8am. I had gotten an email a week before saying that I should ‘check in’ at a certain place, so we went there but these people blend in so well to everyone else there’s no way you can find anyone to help you unless they notice you look lost.

So I walked around and tried to find my vendor space (our names are chalked on the road/bricks). I could not find it. Short of completely panicking someone finally came to my rescue and showed me my spot which was pretty much the only place I didn’t look. Isn’t that always how it is? I can’t find something and as soon as I say it allowed I turn around and it’s sitting right there in front of me.

We finally were able to set up but we couldn’t park the truck anywhere near our spot. Most of our things really weren’t that heavy except for the concrete blocks (to hold the tent down in case of a tornado).

Boise Farmer's Market by Kathryn Koozer

Boise Farmer's Market by Kathryn Koozer

So I’ve got these fancy grid-walls and grid-baskets that are absolutely fantastic. They hold my prints perfectly.

Boise Farmer's Market by Kathryn Koozer

Boise Farmer's Market by Kathryn Koozer

Boise Farmer's Market by Kathryn Koozer

I moved one of the grids. The one that holds all of the different sizes to the front of the booth so that people walking by can browse easier. I brought along three originals (I need to bring more next time) and the one I put on the front of the booth stopped people in their tracks. Pretty fantastic.

The vendors can sell as soon as the bell is rung at 9:30am (clang clang clang) – no sooner. You have to stop selling as soon as it is rang again at 1:30pm (clang clang clang) – and no later.

So weighing down your tent is a must as we found out that day. It was *not* a windy day, nor was there a breeze. But every once in a while there would be a very slight-tiny gust of a breeze and a few of the tents not weighted down tried to jump around. You can imagine these things just flying away in a second. One of the tents ooching around was a booth filled with pottery. I’m not even sure they noticed (we were eyeballing this thing as it was a couple booths away from mine) and if that took off it would probably take out half of their stuff if not more. We used heavy concrete block for ours, some people had more fancy things, but most did not at all.

We are going to be playing with the layout/structure of the tent and my art and prints to make it look spiffier in coming weeks. I will also be adding a bunch of new prints for this next week and a couple for the week after that.

I got a really good response, most people who came in were in awe by my work and loved it. It was nice. And on top on that I *sold* stuff.

– Kathryn Koozer

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