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I’d like to dedicate this entry to a few of the risks involved in my work.

I recently got my work back from a public showing at the Civic Center. These peices were hanging up on the main wall for about a month and many of the pieces do not have a barrier between the art and the rest of the world. I do this for asthetic reasons as I dislike the glare and the look of glass/plexiglass. This comes with a few issues.

First off things can get on your work so you want to make sure you’ve used some sort of sealant on it. And if you collage things you might want to make sure that the glue you use is really really good, or use a decoupage finish on it.

This coming from me because I discovered the other day that a few of the fabric pieces collaged onto Fire and Ice were missing. Yes, MISSING. You could hardly notice it, in fact I walked by this thing for weeks before I noticed it. These pieces would have had to be worked at by a determined person, and did so in public. I was able to repair it and you wouldn’t know the difference unless I pointed it out and even then it looks perfect.

Fire and Ice by Kathryn Koozer
So now I’m out in another public venue, but I’m standing there with the art so the most I’ve got to worry about is someone pocketing something small. I might have to worry about the weather a bit but overall the potential for damage to my work by people is low. There is of course the issue of wind blowing someone’s tent over into mine and wrecking things, but hopefully people are smart enough to weight those down.The main issue here is that don’t expect people to respect your work when out in the public arena. And don’t be surprised if something like that happens if you don’t take every precaution ever (insurance might be a good investment in cases like this). I honestly expected much worse than that actually. I figured people would go for the one that has pressed flowers on it, but it’s in perfect condition. In fact Fire and Ice was the only casualty.

Another issue is that “The UN’s World Health Organization has raised the alert over swine flu to level five – one short of a full-blown global epidemic, or pandemic.” – BBC News

I’m in public, in a potentially very crowded area. What to do? Do I hope for the best and stick it out? Do I cancel and not go and hope I avoid getting sick? Would they cancel the Market entirely if this flu gets way out of control? I sure hope so. And I am going to keep continuing to go because there’s no point hiding away in your home hoping to live without actually living your life. Seriously, what is the point of that? When people start to not live through this thing (which they are living through just fine in countries that aren’t Mexico) and everyone in town is sick, then I would probably stay home and duct tape all the windows and doors shut. 😉 But what I am going to do is have hand sanitizers for my personal use and one for everyone else to use if they so please. Short of wearing a mask (with dubious effect) thats pretty much all I can do.

– Kathryn Koozer

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