Farmer’s Market Prep. Buying stuff and prints… and more stuff.

So I bought a bunch of grid-wall baskets and some display things yesterday and all of the little tiny details, like a calculator that matches the purple color in my business card flower. The baskets (and the grid walls also) I bought from a local used fixture store. Idaho Fixtures actually, they double as a ‘farm store’ where they sell inexpensive clothing.

I also spent the last day and a half cropping, spraying, and mounting all of my almost 100+ reproduction prints on mat board. I haven’t put them in their bags yet because I need a few more things for them. Like more business cards and some info about the piece (that will be glued on the back of each piece). I’m also getting my artist bio printed so people can get some info on me. And that is good news for those potential stalkers, well, not really. 😉


But the hard and boring part is done. Now I just have to get a few more things printed and fixed I should be all set.

One of my design clients has made a color-bowl for me to help with the display and I plan on using my fake plants to help make things pretty also. The same fake plants I used in my BFA show. Oh, and for those who have no idea what a color bowl is it is a large pot that has colorful flowers planted in it. Usually they are sitting outside of people’s homes. So that is really nice of her. Her business is called Artistic Elements (I did their designs) btw and they do all sorts of gardening things for people.

1 more day before the market starts… Hopefully I won’t be too tired to enjoy it.

– Kathryn Koozer

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