Farmer’s Market Prep. 3 – Art Reproductions

Yesterday I ordered my inventory for the market. These would be print reproductions of my art work that I’ve had scanned.

I’ve opted to use an online printing company that specializes in printing for photographers and artists. I use What you do is you create an online account with them, upload your digital images, and place an order for the size and material you want to image to be printed at and on. They give you cropping options, and they even have a version of their online ordering software that lets you edit your images before placing an order. It’s pretty fantastic. There are no minimum orders and they guarantee their work 100% even if they didn’t cause the problem.

Shipping prices don’t seem to go up when you place a large order either like a lot of websites do regardless of how heavy the items are. You know what I’m talking about. You go to some random online store and buy a pair of sunglasses for $20 only to find out that they base their shipping on how much you spend and end up paying about $30 + for those sunglasses because they are just over the cut-off price for the cheap shipping and now you get to pay more for an item that weighs nothing! Not that that has happened to me, that’s just a hypothetical based on my observations of shipping costs on websites.

So I’ve ordered about 110 prints and 80 small art cards. Art cards are basically the baseball card collectibles of the art world. They are the same size as your typical Baseball card, or for you nerds out there, like your Magic cards. I will have about 11 larger prints of each of my 10 currently scanned pieces, and 8 of each for the art cards. I’ve played with the sizes a bit when I was ordering and I’m saving myself about $200 getting smaller prints and only a few few large ones. The smaller sizes will allow me to sell them cheaper so that it will be affordable to everyone. And that is good for exposure.

I’m getting these ones printed on “Kodak Supra Endura Professional Photographic Paper… Kodak Supra Endura photographic paper has an extraordinary color gamut and state-of-the art image stability.” According to my printers. I will be offering to make special orders for customers who want Giclee reproductions – these are printed on types of canvas. I recommend the Somerset Velvet Giclee Prints because the prints look a lot nicer in this material than on the canvas. The canvas prints look like they have lines all over them and I’m not really liking how that looks. The Velvet Giclees look really nice, they have a softer look and you might say it’s similar to watercolor paper. However, the Somerset Velvet Giclee Prints are not as brilliant as the prints on the photographic paper. But that’s something you can decide you want when you look at my examples of each (I have a single image printed on all three materials so that you can compare the differences). It’s nice being able to have the set and look at them side by side.

Reproduction Examples by Kathryn Koozer
I should be getting the prints on Tuesday unless Easter messes up the printing and shipping times. Once I receive them I will be mounting them on hard mat-board, placing them inside their own plastic bags for protection (weather, kids, me). I will also be including info about each piece in the bag with the print and one of my business cards. Which means I need to get a few things printed next week at my local printer (Thorne Printing in Nampa).

Reproduction Example by Kathryn Koozer
EDIT: Just got the shipping confirmation (about 5 minutes after I finished this post)! These people print FAST!This is going to be fun.

– Kathryn Koozer

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