Farmer’s Market Prep. 2 – Booth Insurance

I am a recent buyer of an insurance policy.

As a Marrket Vendor I am required to have an insurance policy of at least $1 million. The market itself has to have one of at least $3 million. The people who run the market gave out a list of providers that have been used by past vendors and I sent out quote requests to most of them (the ones in Idaho). I went to their websites and sent the quotes through their online request/contact system. I recieved a few responses, three responses out of four requests.

I requested online because I dislike using phones for this sort of thing, plus I wanted all of the quote in writing. They all wanted to know the basic info about my business: the name, what I sell, how much I make average a year, and info about the market. Out of the three that responded initially only two ever responded (as of today). And out of those two only one of the providers really took the time to get me a fast quote. In fact she did it that same day.

And all through email. She found a quote that was acceptable and then spent even more time to get me a lower quote. That second quote was about half of the first one. I decided to go with it, one because who can resist a quote that is of $125 for the year for an awesome liability policy that is a $2 million coverage (they don’t do ones smaller than that). Secondly because at that point she was the only one who had given me a quote. Thirdly, because she was friendly and was on-the-ball as we were emailing back and forth on and off all day getting all of the details down. I met with her the other day to sign the papers and found she was genuinely interested in the market and what I did. I also found out she was doing the insurance for another vendor – someone who sold herbs evidently. I had the option to pay in increments or all at once, and since it is such a small amount of money I decided to pay it all at once. Which wouldn’t be a problem except I completely spaced on bringing my checkbook with me. Not a problem, I can just mail it in, and she said she’d get the insurance certificate out to me as soon as possible.

I am going to personally recommend her here in my blog because so many business relations come from contacts and recommendations. Her name is Becky Carlson and she is with the Leavitt Group of Boise. Here is the website address:

The other provider gave me a quote, finally, two days ago. This is well after the quote request and well after when I sent details about what I needed. The quote(s) were for more than double and on up than the one Becky was able to snag for me. And I should mention that they don’t seem to be friendly, basically the way their message with the quote(s) was written makes me think that they just want to get the deal over with, and they insist on talking to me on the phone (I dislike that). Which isn’t really the way I like to do things.

– Kathryn Koozer

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