Sometimes, it’s just not worth it.

Lately I’ve been putting together a list of some local galleries and competitions to enter my work into or apply to get my work shown in. I’ve been pretty selective in this and today I found myself going through the official rules for one of these said competitions.

And decided that it wasn’t worth it. It wasn’t worth what I’d lose if I won any award in this competition. This is the competition website:

“As a condition of being awarded a prize, each winner will be required to assign and transfer to Sponsor all rights, title, interest and claim to winner’s Entry and Artwork, including, without limitation, all intellectual property rights therein, and Sponsor shall have the right to use, publish, alter, assign, edit, sell, or license such Entry or Artwork in any and all media however it sees fit without approval of, or additional compensation to, winner.

Entries/Artwork may be featured with or without credit given to the entrant on Sponsor’s website (, and may be used in packaging for Sponsor’s product(s) and/or an ad campaign promoting this Competition. “

Oh and

“By accepting any prize, the winner also consents to the use of his/her name, likeness, quote(s), photograph, identity, Entry and/or Artwork for advertising/publicity purposes in commerce and in any and all media worldwide without limitation or additional compensation, except where prohibited by law.”

Ya… um.. NO.

I do not personally feel that any award is worth transferring *all rights* of my work to someone else… especially when they don’t even have to give me credit for my work, ever. And I will also have to decline letting someone use my work or myself for their own profits however they see fit. I believe that is an area where people make money, by licensing their images for profit and I’m not about to let someone run off with my work without limitation or compensation. I do not care who or how amazingly famous some people/groups/organizations may be, I refuse to be taken advantage of in that way.

Oh and they can alter my work at their discretion?


All intellectual property rights therein?

Without approval of?

Even though this is a competition by Prismacolor, who makes the colored pencils I use currently, it feels like a scam. There’s just something inherently *wrong* with it. It feels like if I enter and win that I would lose so much more than I would gain. I am not comfortable in giving the soul of my work or myself away in this fashion.

Sometimes, it’s just not worth it.

– Kathryn Koozer

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