Farmer’s Market Prep. 1 – Bags & Hang-Tags

So I’ve officially sent off my written confirmation of participation in the Farmer’s Market for this season. The fee for a first timer like myself is $75. I think returning vendors pay $100 so I’m pretty happy that I get to save a little money on that.

Currently I’m working on getting an order ready for all the details I need for my booth. I’ve been looking at bagging recently and found some fun options that don’t seem too expensive. I’m not going to go with your typical flat paper bags because I think they are not very aesthetic and because you really never reuse those kinds of things and I’d rather have bags that can be reused if possible and are possibly recycled bags since I try to be eco-friendly. I also find that those kinds of bags are annoying to carry around because they don’t have any kind of good handle on them and I think other people would also agree with that and appreciate ones that do.

I need at least two different kinds of bags. One for putting the purchased item into when someone buys it. The other is for the items themselves, kinda like a protective covering that gives it more of a professional feel to it.

I’m including links of the bags that I’m thinking about below:

Recycled Merchandise Bags

Colored Merchandise Bags (I really like these ones because they can hold bulky objects)

Flap Lock Bags (to put the actual prints in)

Another thing that I’m thinking about getting are hang tags for the prints. These would be similar to the hang tags you find on clothing only better. These would be an interesting version of my business card only it includes more information about what they bought – like the fact that I donate 5% of all profits to the NWF and that the tag itself it printed on 100% post consumer material and is printed by a green-printer with eco-friendly inks and all that fun stuff. I would either have a hang-tag on each print or I would attach them to the bags, I haven’t decided exactly how I want to do it. I could also include specific information about the print itself on the tag (which is probably what I’ll end up doing).

This is the website to the printer. And yes, they are a green company.


I think it’s really nice and their prices aren’t too bad. The other printer I’d use (if I had a lot of money to blow) would be a company that uses handmade paper that has wildflower seeds in it. And that means you can plant that paper and see it grow.

Botanical Paperworks – Paper that blooms

How’s that for eco-friendly? I love it. Plus, it’s a really fun takeaway and would make quite an impression. For now though, I’m sticking with GreenerPrinter to get my tags & cards printed.

EDIT: I just got the bags yesterday(April 9th, 2009) in the mail!

Farmer's Market Bags by Kathryn Koozer
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