Another one bites the dust.. OR ..Goodbye J. Crist Gallery

As if life in Boise, Idaho wasn’t tough enough already for those who go the non-traditional route with their lives and livelihood….

“As Jacqueline and Charley Crist close their renowned Boise business, 40 artists are left without a gallery”
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Obviously this is not the most artist centered/friendly town/state that I, or any artist, could be trying to sell art in and I’ve never had my work in their gallery but I certainly feel for those that lost their gallery. For some artists, galleries are what gives them the feeling of being successful, of having ‘made it’. It gives them a place where their work is always displayed and sometimes a strong foundation for careers in fine arts.

I am personally trying to avoid galleries, but that’s because I’m nuts and have weird ideals about how I do things with my life and art. 😉 I’d rather go a non-traditional route with my non-traditional way of life & chosen profession.

The comments left by the readers of this newspaper are less than diplomatic or sympathetic and it leaves me with a feeling of disappointment of/in people in general. This is the *internet* though – a place frequented by those that take pleasure in leaving cynical, nonconstructive, negative, & hurtful remarks in any area (and most often in areas they know nothing about) that they can.

It’s tough being in the art field because of all those ‘starving artist’ and ‘eccentric artist’ stereotypes… People tend to think you’re insane for trying to be an artist, that it’s worthless & pointless. And it’s probably the same for any liberal arts careers. Like English… What are you going to do with that? 😉

Luckily, I don’t listen to these types people when they try to tell me how to live.

– Kathryn Koozer

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