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As many of you may know I have been scanning my artwork so that I may be able to produce prints of my work to sell at some point. I’ve finally got to the point where I feel comfortable in doing so and I have a few people already requesting prints and more information about them. Because of this, and the fact that I would love to be able to sell my work and prints as a main form of income in the future I am posting information about my prints and prices for ordering.

Firstly, I do not mat or frame prints unless the orderer requests that, and it will cost extra depending on preferences such as if I make the frame or if I have someone else make it or if I go out and purchase one for the print. I do not mat my prints as I do not even mat my originals. If you would like them matted let me know and we will discuss the options.

I am not currently set up to take credit cards as that is a monetary investment I’m not quite ready for, but I can work with Paypal for money transfers and I do of course accept cash and checks. Checks may be held until they are shown to be good and then the item shipped after that. And I almost forgot, I do charge Idaho sales tax for these which right now is at 6%.

I can get three main types of high quality prints made of my work. Ok, well technically five but I don’t count the different photographic preferences.

Photographic Prints

Somerset Velvet Giclee Prints

Canvas Giclee Prints

I can print up to the original size of the original piece of art requested for the print and pretty much anything smaller. Certain types of prints have some restrictions on size but it shouldn’t affect me too much.

Shipping completely depends on if I can hand deliver these or if I have to send them on to you.

The print prices vary considerably by material. The canvas prints being the highest quality and what you might want to consider as an investment as when I’m rich and famous and highly sought after the prints will be worth something since they are limited to a certain number.

Most pieces (as of this post) are available as prints except for West Highland Way (the bridge) and Breadth of Vision (the color blindness lily). They will be scanned probably by late next month of so, depending on when they are released from the Civic Center Show.

– Kathryn Koozer

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