To Fracture, or not to Fracture?

Colorblindness Exercise - Kathryn Koozer, A Seattle Artist -
My collages are like Ogres. In that they are like onions, no they don’t smell or make you cry, although that is an intriguing idea…Layers! Like Ogres, my collages have layers.There are three main layers to speak of within each of my Fractured Pieces. The Fracture, The Drawing, and The Collaging. Each layer then holds its own sub-layer or two. Those layers are all incredibly important to not only the Concept of the work, but also function to pull together the composition into a unified whole.In my previous post (and corresponding photo album) I mentioned that I have began to explore Colorblindness. This brings up an interesting issue, which seems to be somewhat dependent upon the composition of the piece. 

See photo featured above.

Do I use my fracturing technique on something like this? It almost seems to already possess fractures, just of a different sort. Would fractures add to the work or confuse the viewer?

Perhaps I could cover the entire area with swirly fractures like in my other organic (flower) collages. Perhaps I could only use the fracturing in the areas not in the colorblind windows, or in a reverse fashion where the windows are fractured but everything outside of them are normal… But that could possibly distract/take away from the entire colorblindness concept that I’m attempting to convey.

Or I could use the windows to signify the fractures and magnify the areas that are within. This could quite possibly give a very interesting feel to the piece as it would bring a subtle awareness of the viewer that these rectangles are more than just some funky coloring, that there might be something more going on. That would encourage those that normally don’t read about the art or the concept to, maybe, actually, pay closer attention and investigate what’s going on.

That could be the most important part of this work, getting people to actually read about colorblindness and to gain a glimpse of what it would be like if they too were born with eyes that saw the world in such a different way.

Windows into another world.

– Kathryn Koozer

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